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Heel toe can be very confusing..."as if this will help..ha !"

Please wait for film to load


As my 2 billion dollar budget film shows,the heel hits first flattens out as the beater recovers and strikes as the toe lifts the foot back in to the start position.
It's a bit exaggerated in the film to show the heel impact.

This is the equivalent to the hand double bounce,as in rudiments like the paraddile so the leg movement is like that of the hand,one movement results in two hits.

Here is my live audio demo of heel toe. (1999)
This is only 2 weeks after geting it to work.
(yup I suck on this lol but shows the genaral effect. ) 
The solo wont scare Tim Waterson
(a.k.a. The Drumcanman)

click here to play sound


If your friends call you big foot this may not be for you.

SOCKS are a must for this or a very slim shoe.
(PEG needed for your nose while playing in old socks!)
also with most pedals the cam gets in the way and you may need a longer foot board.

Be warned learning this can really hurt your knees while trying to get it right!!